Carrie   Testimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 12/03/12
"We have used Xtermitech for over 3 years now. Juan and his team provide the utmost excellent service I have ever seen from a company. He does a thorough job and answers all our questions. His prices are very comparable to bigger corporations and other businesses. Not only that, but you get a personal service that I ve never encountered with larger companies. If at any time we have an occurrence of ants or other issues, Juan makes time for us in his busy schedule and comes to the house to fix the problem. He guarantees his service and we have never had a single issue with his company. If you re looking to establish a rapport and trust with a company, I highly recommend hiring Xtermitech to provide your service. You will not regret hiring him! He loves what he does and he loves providing the best customer service. I will never switch to another company!"

S. LeeTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 10/25/11
"We have been with them for over a year and the service is always outstanding. Juan is truly an expert in the field and his understanding of how to treat a problem is always satisfactory. They are timely and reliable. I am glad I switched from a big pest control company to X Termitech and I won't go back, so much more personal and fitting my needs."

JolieTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 02/09/11
"I called Xtermitech based on all the positive reviews they received here and I have to attest that they give great service and Juan is such a nice guy. He came out and did an inspection on my townhouse. Our last tenants moved out and left behind an invasion of roaches. He did a thorough inspection (even though I was grossed out) and applied his insectiside. He gave me a 30 day warranty and said to call him back in 2 weeks if I still had any problems. He was not a pushy salesman and I felt very comfortable with him. I'll definitely call them again for any future needs."

twinzmommeeTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 04/24/10
"Juan is simply AMAZING!!!! The BEST in pest control, period. I have a crippling fear of flying roaches and Juan is the only company to ever LISTEN to me!!! I did the monthly service--and I wish someone offered that here in Dallas. I miss Juan! I never found dead or living bugs in my house, because Juan never let them get in the house!!!! Juan is thorough and spends hours treating your problem!! THE BEST ANYWHERE!!!!!!"

txsabuTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 07/07/09
"Juan is highly knowledgeable and professional. He rid us of roaches and squirrels in one visit. He gives excellent advice for prevention of future infestations. He treats our home once a quarter for the last 6 months. The only insects and scorpions I see now are dead ones. My wife and I like him so much we are referring him to our mother-in-law and our friends. You can not go wrong with Mr. Cantu."

KatTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 06/27/08
"Extremely professional, very prompt, took careful consideration to take care of the problem we were having with ants. I highly recommend X-Termitech Pest Control."

Yahoo! Local UserTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 02/21/08
"More than happy with Xtermitech's service!! They are very honest and do very great job like everyone said. What I'm most impressed with though, is that how much they care about what they do: they explain the process, what they use, always ask if we have any concern, and always check thoroughly and give suggestions to prevent pest infestation. One time they even went through our attic to check a potential hazard. They really care and not just to make money! We would recommend them to anyone and continue to use them. You can't find service like that with the big names on the billboards. We never have any bug problem since we use them and they are so easy to work with!"

ETestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 11/07/07
"Mr. Cantu was very up-front and honest. He evaluated our wasp infestation and stated that he was ill-equipped to handle the situation, since it was just him that did the fumigating and the areas in question were very hard to reach (30ft tall chimney). He did not want to go ahead treat the problem because there was no guarantee that the areas he could reach were actually the main hives. He recommended we call around for more services and did not charge us for his time, which was around a hour. Now, how many places you know will do that? I will definitely use X-Termitech in the future."

AgnesTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 09/27/07
"Before I write my own comments, I read all comments from others. Nothing I can add but definitely agree with them. If you get service from Mr. Cantu, you understand why I am saying this."

Yahoo! Local UserTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 09/27/07
"Very satisfied. Excellent service, very knowledgable, friendly and above all, an honest company. They do the job and they do it right. With all the rain we have had this year in San Antonio, only once have we had to call them back. And we didn't get "the earliest we can go out there..." routine. They were back the day after I called! Xtermitech just gives great service... You won't find a better pest control company in the city."

NancyTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 06/04/07
"Xtermitech has provided my clients who are buying homes with excellent service for inspections of Wood Destroying Insects. As a realtor I will continue to recommend Xtermitech because they are professional and provide superior service. I have also contracted with Xtermitech for my own home pest control needs. Upon purchasing a new home last month we found a scorpion in one of the closets. I called Xtermitech and they accommodated me by coming out to the house and spraying later that same day. Thanks!"

Not a Wie FanTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 05/31/07
"Xtermitech does great work. I called to come take care of a scorpin problem and even though it was NOT my time for service; Juan called me right back and was here the next day. This is my first time to use a pest control company and I couldn't be any happier. GREAT JOB XTERMITECH!!! I will defintely continue my contract with this company."

OPRTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 12/06/06
"Xtermitech quality service!!! They explained what and how strong of chemicals they were using.They guarantee their work.I call back regarding some ants problems they came right away and no additional costs. Friendly and honest,I will defenitely keep using them!!!!"

GabrielTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 12/05/06
"Xtermitech Pest Control provided an excellent service. When I called for assistance, they were very helpful and provided good feedback with questions that I had. They were very friendly and performed a thorough job and made follow up calls. I will defenitely keep using them for their great service."

Yahoo! Local UserTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted on 11/02/06
"Friendly service and great customer care. We did not even have to call, they called us for the follow up appointment. We will continue to use them from now on. Say bye to bugs!"

Ian HertzkeTestimonials - X-Termitech Pest Control - 5_stars
Posted 12/10/12
Subject: Superb Service!
 "We have been with Xtermitech for over 3 years. We had recently moved to the area and were looking for a local, family owned business...Juan, his family and his team have not disappointed. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs are taken care of. They have taken their business and profession to the next level. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in everything they do and the level of home protection is at a stellar value. As part of the quarterly plan, we have never had any major issues but when ever an unwanted bug, ant or bee makes their way around our yard we call Xtermitech and Juan has come out within a day and takes care of it no charge. They are not "treat and forget" Juan and his team stand behind ensuring that your house is secure from all forms of unwanteds. Xtermitech isn't just another business they are just like family!  Thanks...Ian and Mariah H."
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