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Our services consist of home or business evaluation/inspection. Identifying the specific pest or pest affecting each of our customers, then carefully selecting a control approach.  Also to better alleviate pest problems, Informing our customers of conducive conditions that need to be avoided is also a big part of what we do. 
We specialize on the majority of pest that trouble the San Antonio area such as roaches, scorpions, spiders, ants, silverfish, fleas, ticks, wasp and bee control. We also offer mosquito, bedbug and pantry pest services.
We offer, one time services as well as weekly, monthly, quarterly prevention services or whatever schedule that will best suit the needs of each account.  We do offer services for both residential and commercial accounts such as hotels, restaurants, daycare facilities, apartments, offices, storages and more.

All of our services are backed by a written service plan guarantee!

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Termite Services
A home is one of the most important assets a family may own, and a termite problem is one concern homeowners do not look forward to dealing with.
Prevention is always the best approach, but if you already suspect or know of an existing termite problem, we can help. We offer both Termite Prevention and Termite Control Services. We use the most modern and proven methods in the termite industry today.
  • Liquid Conventional Treatments
  • Termite Monitoring Bait Stations
  • Pre-Construction Termite Treatments
  • Real Estate Wood Destroying Insect Reports
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