Contract or No Contract
Pest Control Services in San Antonio are not just about hiring a random person to kill bugs. Besides dealing with an unwanted pest problem, another question home and business owners ask themselves is "do I need to sign a long term contract" or do I need a contract at all? In a way contracts, also called service agreements are good because they state what are the limits and scope of the service being hired, even when the customer only wants to purchase a "One-Time Service" is advisable to get a written agreement or contract, it protects the customer and the pest control provider, is a win win for both, any serious pest control service in San Antonio should be able to provide you with one. What should a customer look for in a service agreement? For one, what pest are covered under the service, also make sure to find out if the service provides any guarantees, and if so, for how long. Now what about a year long or any other form of long term service agreement? For some, it will depend on their perception of bugs, for some people a spider may be a harmless little fella or a sign of luck, but for others, a terrifying creature that will cause them to have nightmares. To the latter I would say, definitely get on a contract. It will save you money by giving you access to more affordable routine visits versus paying "one time fees" every time one of those terrifying creatures show their ugly head, and will help you sleep better. However, pest control program plans are not just to fight a case of arachnophobia. Another advantage of long term contracts for pest control in San Antonio, is that it gives the pest control company the ability to visit the house or business on a consistent basis, allowing the company to become familiar with the conditions that affect the structure, and prevent long term damage caused by hidden or unnoticeable activity of pest . In our case there are homes which we have serviced for several years making us familiar with previous history of pest activity, moisture problems, trees and vegetation that encourage pest activity, and so on. In these homes, It is obviously easier for our company to provide a more accurate and effective pest program versus when we only visit a job once. If the customer decides to engage on a long term contract is advisable to find out about early cancellation fees and if the contract is self-renewing every year. If you are thinking of hiring a pest control service in San Antonio, give us a call! We will be glad to hear from you!
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