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In August of 2000, my wife and I went down to the Rio Grande Valley as missionaries helping a Christian ministry start a new congregation. As soon as we got to the Valley, I started looking for a job, and a month later I was employed as a field technician by a very successful Pest Control company. In a few words all I can say is: I fell in love with the job.
My fascination with the industry made me a fast learner. Within the next three years I was promoted from Field Technician to Sales Inspector, and finally from Inspector to a Service Manager. Through the process and thanks to the great support of my employer I was able to obtain the State Licenses as a Pest and Termite technician, and as a Service Manager I obtained the State Certification for both Pest and Termite categories. In a bittersweet situation during December 2003, I had to say goodbye to the company that had taught and trained me in a new and exciting career. The church my wife and I served offered me the opportunity to become a full-time Minister.
While the church supported me financially, the expenses of daily living got a bit hard. It was during this time through the encouragement of friends and family I caught the vision to open my own Pest Control business which I could operate on the side. On June 4, 2004 The Structural Pest Control of Texas issued the business license number 12860 to X-Termitech Pest Control.
In February, 2006 our time in the Valley came to an end, my wife and I resigned our full-time ministry position and moved to San Antonio. For the past 6 years we have been providing quality pest and termite services to the Alamo City. If you give us an opportunity, it will be our honor to earn your trust and your business
The Cantus
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